Moisturizers: Yes or No?

“Wah Malaysia so hot, face already so oily no need wear moisturizers lah. Our face already so moist with rain/sweat, what for u wanna add more moisture?”

Misconception. It does not matter if you have dry/oily/combination skin, or if you live in malaysia/america/antartica…MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE OKAY BOO. With that being said, yall need to know that too much of something is not good either. So know your balance. Don’t moisturize your face excessively.

Why do you need to moisturize your face?

Oily Skin:

Those of you who have oily skin, you tend to use a stronger facial cleanser that strips away your natural oil (sebum). Due to this constant stripping of oil off your face, it leaves your skin with periods of extreme dryness. Naturally you would think that it’s a good thing that your skin is (finally!) dry but nuh uh homegurl. The complete absence of moisture would lead to premature ageing, and lets be real, the oilyness comes back after what? 2 hours after washing your face?

Tips: After shower/washing your face, pat it dry and slab on your fav moisturizer.

Dry Skin:

This is obvious. The only way to combat dryness is to give moisture to your skin and how to do that? MOISTURIZAHHH. Find one that is specifically for dry skin and not your regular lotions (stop stealing your kid’s lotion *looking at you mommies out there*). Without moisture, your skin will start to flake (like your friends on a friday night), and age before its time. You sure don’t wanna be 30 but lookin 50, unless that is the look you’re looking for. #notjudging

Tips: Use 2 types of moisturizer, light moisturizer with SPF in the morning and rich moisturizer in the evening.

Combination Skin:

A tough one because some parts of your face is dry and flaky, and the centre part of your face is oily (T-zone). Well, tough luck hun. You’re on your own. Okaylah no no. The cause of combination skin? For some people, it’s the genetics. For others, it’s the wrong usage of products (contains irritating ingredients that stimulate the oil production in the T-zone and at the same time cause dryness at other parts of your face *sigh* what a bi*ch of a product). What you can do is use 2 types of moisturizer on different parts of your face. I know i know, leceh gila. But hey, nak cantik tak? At the oily part of your face, you can use lighter-weight gels/liquids product, and at the dry area, cream/lotion consistency is fine.

Tips: Avoid getting cream/lotions on the oily parts of your face as it makes it look and feel greasier.


And that is it for today, if you have any request on what you want me to share, feel free to comment down below or slide into my DM on my other social medias 😀

Xx, Att



2 thoughts on “Moisturizers: Yes or No?

    1. Hey there! I don’t really have any specific favourite moisturizer but there are a few that works for me. I have oily skin so currently i’ve been using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, works quite well for me!


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