Makeup is L I F E

As some of you guys probably know, i LOVE makeup. So in love that i actually spend most of my allowance for this month on makeup that i ended up not having enough money to pay off my monthly car payments (someone please hide this post from my mama *sweats*).

“Eh takpelah, i can pay off 2 months punya terus nanti, lagi senang” is what i told myself to keep me at ease ehehehhehe *lap peluh*

Ugh whatever lah, okay so anyway apa i cakap tadi? Oh yeah makeup.

There is so much that I wanna talk about under this category and to be honest, idk where to start. Any ideas, ladies? Hit me up down below in the comment section or in any of my social media accounts and i’ll share it here!

Xx, Att


2 thoughts on “Makeup is L I F E

  1. hope this gets to you! why not highlight different makeup looks for hooded eyes (Asian) like us! I find it hard to get the right look for my eyes.. HELP!!


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