KLFW 2016: Day 1-5

Hey girl hey!


So it was Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear 2016, last week. I had a few invites to a few shows so as usual, i planned my outfit/looks that i was going for a few days in advance (but as usual 2 jam before keluar rumah baru fully decide on what to wear sebab tu #Att #selalu #lambat) tsk tsk tsk apa nak jadi. Anyway, below is a collection of looks i went for throughout the week. Enjoy!

KLFW Day 1: Aere

This one I was just a plus one (Ijeen aka Izreen got the invitation). Still, I was pretty much stoked about it because this is a brand that I actually know a few people that worked behind it back when I was interning at FashionValet.

So Aere ni cam very sweet sweet, very idk..lady-ish, soft and flowy (more on this on another blogpost perhaps?) and I figured i should wear something more in sync with their theme. So I decided to wear a rope pario (it was Ijeen’s lol). One thing about the pario tho, it enhances my booty and I don’t quite like it. My booty ladies and gentleman, even akak Beyonce pun wrote a song about it. Okay lets stop talking bout ma booty.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.41.00 AM
You can only imagine what it took to get this shot.

And my #MOTD (for those who don’t know, it stands for Makeup of The Day)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
The only picture i have that you can (sort of) see my makeup. Oh btw, that’s Ijeen and i did her makeup as well.  (@izreensyafika)

*Skipped day 2 sebab #demam*

KLFW Day 3: Adila Long

Back in the days (read: 2 years ago), I used to work for Adila Long, tho it lasted for less than 2 months (I quit because my mom got diagnosed with cancer so I had to take her to the hospital daily, and i just cannot commit to work anymore) i’ve always kept in touch with Adila even if it’s only on social media.

I didn’t know what to wear to her show #thestrugglewasreal so i just put on whatever i have. Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.01.35 AM

It looks okay kan? But NO. Don’t let the angles fool you! In every other picture, i look like i’m at least 3 months pregnant *cries* I’m not exaggerating, I have proof. Buckle up, imma show you them pictures.

Me, my bump, Edlin Nur, and Izreen Syafika. Photo taken by Ridduan Ismail @ TTFGA
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.08.52 AM.png
Taken from FashionValet’s Instagram. Photo by Bibo Aswan.

The pictures were taken by famous photographers, super duper talented people. Both me and my buncit appreciates the photos and are very humble to even get this opportunity. Hopefully next time buncit i tak photobombed.

Bila je famous photographers nak tangkap gambar kau? Bukan selalu.

And my #MOTD

Faux Freckles/Japanese Inspired Makeup look.

KLFW Day 4: Thavia

I actually didn’t go to any shows on that day, i was just there to teman Ijeen and hangout with Yaronz and Dibsies. Dah alang alang kat Pavi, might as well dress up for it kannnnn.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.20.57 AM.png

And my #MOTD

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
My first time trying this hijab look and i LOVE it!

KLFW Day 5: Azura Azwa, EHxFV, Finale

It was the final day for klfw, so i was booked by Jaja Anuar (Head of Buyer at FashionValet) to do her makeup. Started out just for one person, ended up with 5 more people to follow suit. I did Jaja, Dada (Jaja’s twinsies), Marissa, Veen Dee, Dani, and Vivy Yusof (only touch up tho, not from scratch). On top of that, i was invited to a few shows. So it was a LONG ass day. Went back and forth from Ritz Carlton Hotel to Pavillion (idk how the fvteam does it? like how can yall still have functioning legs??? ). It was fun tho, and worth it.

I chose an all-white ensemble to wrap the week up (manage to get through the day without any stain! Mama would be so proud *pat in the back*)

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.43.53 AM

And my #MOTD

Look. At. That. Contour. #yas

Alright, that’s the end of it. This is a really loooooong post. Biasalah, baru baru start kan of course lor still got semangat one.

Xx, Att


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